Two New Obituaries: Richard ‘Dick’ Storr and his brother Jeremy

Thanks to Jeremy’s son Robert we have obituaries for the brothers. Shown here but also on the OBITS page.

STORR, Richard Charles. 1954-1961. BSc Chemistry (King’s College, London), PhD Chemistry (Leicester). Originally of Forest Fields then Nuthall, took up work at Leicester University during PhD, moving to Liverpool University as Lecturer in Chemistry. Working in research in organic chemistry (Treasurer/Secretary of the Heterocyclic Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry 1986-89) and lecturing at Liverpool from the late 1960s until retirement. Resident of the Wirral. b 1942 Nottingham; d 29 May 2018. Brother to Jeremy G Storr (1958-1965).

STORR, Jeremy George. 1958-1965. BA English (Sheffield, 1968), PGCE (Nottingham, 1969), MA English Language (researching dialects of the Erewash Valley – 1981). Originally of Forest Fields then Nuthall, resident of Sheffield from the mid-1960s. English teacher at Holgate Grammar, Barnsley 1969-1975 then Head of English at Wisewood Comprehensive, Sheffield 1975-1995. Known at Henry Mellish for his sketching skills (see cartoons Centaur 1964/5). After retirement worked as watercolour artist, painting commissions and selling artwork in galleries including paintings of landscapes and scenes across Yorkshire and the Bristol area. b 1946 Nottingham; d. August 2022. Brother to Richard C Storr (1954-1961).

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