New Material

Martyn Shaw has supplied two Centaurs: Summer Term 1970 which seems to have been the last in the traditional style and size; 1974-1975, the first intake of comprehensive pupils. Added to the Miscellanea Page is his 1974-75 Fixture List and School Calendar.

Chris Chambers has added a note to the entry for Vic Gladwin on the Staff page.

School plays, CCF photographs and more

David Mundy [1950-57] has provided new material. There are school play programmes and photographs for 1951-56, a photograph of the RAF section of the CCF at camp and of the winning .22 CCF shooting team. He has also supplied less creased scans of the 1955 Panora photograph (which can be downloaded). He has also added some names to a photograph of VSc on the site.

I have taken the opportunity to create a new page for school plays.

There have been changes in the way WordPress works and I still have some tidying up to do including moving items in Miscellanea to the Sports page.

Commemoration Service 1958 and a 1963 Bus Pass

From Robert Dawson has come a copy of the Commemoration Service of October 1963 (the first performance of J.B. Brocklehurst’s school hymn). Also Robert’s City Transport Bus Pass for 1963.

I remember having a Bartons bus pass but having to pay for the trolleybus (2d each way in 1954). The secretaries doled out the reimbursement each term.


Swimming Event Programmes, a Sports page and naming a French Assistant

From Robert Dawson have come programmes for the annual swimming sports 1958-1964. Each can be downloaded on a new Sports page. Also moved there from Miscellanea are other items relating to sport. The programmes can be downloaded but the photographs are shown. The reason for having a separate page is that it was getting a little difficult to navigate the Miscellanea page.

Names of members of staff appear in the various programmes who did not get a mention in The Centaur. I take it that some were students sent to hone their skills on HMGS pupils. There is, though, on the 1958 Panora photograph a French Assistant (sitting between Pablo and Moaner) I could remember but not name. The swimming programme shows he was M.J. Leclercq; he has been added to the Staff page.