Swimming Event Programmes, a Sports page and naming a French Assistant

From Robert Dawson have come programmes for the annual swimming sports 1958-1964. Each can be downloaded on a new Sports page. Also moved there from Miscellanea are other items relating to sport. The programmes can be downloaded but the photographs are shown. The reason for having a separate page is that it was getting a little difficult to navigate the Miscellanea page.

Names of members of staff appear in the various programmes who did not get a mention in The Centaur. I take it that some were students sent to hone their skills on HMGS pupils. There is, though, on the 1958 Panora photograph a French Assistant (sitting between Pablo and Moaner) I could remember but not name. The swimming programme shows he was M.J. Leclercq; he has been added to the Staff page.

More information on Bryan Hichisson

From Tony Seaton, more information on a member of staff. The entry now reads

HICHISSON, Bryan Geoffrey. 1963-? (after 1965). English. b 14 May 1941; d 18 February 2007 Eastbourne. Previously at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College in New Cross. To Colfe’s School as Head of English (and Drama from the 1980s). Retired ca 1999 and was later a private tutor in Eastbourne. “ Bryan” or “Hich”