1951 The Happiest Days of Your Life (from David Mundy)

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1952 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (from David Mundy)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

1955 The Mikado (from David Mundy)

The Mikado

1955 The White Carnation (from David Mundy)

1956 The Duke in Darkness (from David Mundy)

1957 Nightmare Abbey (from David Chambers)

1958 I Killed The Count (from Robert Dawson)

1959 Sweeney Todd (from Robert Dawson)

1961 Dandy Dick (from Robert Dawson)

1962 The Long Sunset (from Robert Dawson)

1963 The Druid’s Nest (from Robert Dawson)

1971 Toad of Toad Hall (from Andrew Robinson)