The following are mini-biographies of the school staff gleaned from copies of The Centaur and from other sources during searches. It includes support staff when they get a mention as well as the temporary wartime mistresses. At a time when the only clues to a master’s forenames were the initials put on a a label on the flyleaf of a textbook at the start of each year, it has not been easy to trace further details of some well-known and long-serving masters. There are also different spellings of the same name in different issues of the magazine. However with the help of,, British Newspaper Archive, the London Gazette and Google searches, a fair amount of information has been obtained. Garry Humphreys has also been a mine of useful information.

As with all parts of this website, please send me any further information or corrections.

In early years the staff notes showed university degrees but in later years there was only a name. Absence of the mention of a degree, therefore, does not indicate the master or mistress did not have one. In the very early days, a few masters did not have a university degree; in the 1950s and 1960s all but those for art, metalwork, woodwork and P.T. were university graduates.

Some masters stayed for a short time; others joined soon after graduation and stayed until they retired. The lives of many were interrupted by war; two were killed. In later life, the careers of former masters at the Mellish took many forms: engineering in the U.S.A., university professorship; one became a minister in Harold Wilson’s government while another became Chief Inspector of Schools.

So here we have them, as complete a list as I can manage from the information available at present. The rich mixture includes the industrious and the indolent; the strict disciplinarians and those who could not a keep a class in order for more than a few seconds; the conformist and the eccentric; the misfits and those for whom a grammar school was a natural habitat; the affable and the supercilious; those who encouraged and those who disparaged; the nerds and the sporty hearties; those from the hard right of politics and those from the hard left; the odd sadist and the kindly old cove.

ADAMS, Ernest William. 1943-1965. English. b 29 January 1904 Swadlincote; d 1993 Southwell. Previously at Farnworth, Lancashire. Lived at Lowdham. “Shad”

ALLARD, M (for Monsieur?). 1950-?1951. Possible Assistant Français.

ALLCOCK, Marjorie Betsy. 1945-1970. School Secretary. b 10 September 1910 Eastwood; d 3 January 2012 Wollaton.

ARGYLE, Michael A. 1958 [pupil 1945-1953]. Temporary post. History. b 17 September 1934. To Forest Fields Grammar School, Nottingham.

ATKINS, John Reginald. ca 1945-1978. Chemistry, Maths. b 24 December 1917 Derby; d 27 March 2018 Carrington, Nottingham. Educated Derby School, Emmanuel College, Cambridge (matriculated 1936). Previously ‘in Wales making explosives’. Retired. Lived in Bulwell. “Pablo” (the droopy moustache). Arthur Boddy said it was from “Pablo the Dreamer” a song about a Mexican released in 1945*.

AUCOTT, Ralph Underwood. 1948-1954. Metalwork. b 25 September 1916 Essex; d 8 May 2009 Co Tipperary, Ireland. To Wimbledon Technical School. Education Officer in Kenya 1959 to 1980s; retired to Ireland.

BADOU, M.R. 1949-1950. Assistant Français.

BAILEY, P. 1959-?. Metalwork.

BALES, Miss M. 1971-? Laboratory Assistant.

BALK, Thomas Oscar. M.C. M.A. (Wadham College, Oxford). 1929-1935. Headmaster. b 19 November 1889 Oxford; d October 1970, Harefield, Middlesex. Educated Oxford High School. Previously at King Henry VIII School, Coventry, Bradford Grammar School (Lt in O.T.C. from 1923), Andover Grammar School. To Hackney Downs School. Served in 7th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment (Territorial Force) attached to Signal Service, Royal Engineers (Lt, temporary Captain, Group Signalling Officer, 3/1st South Midland Division from July 1916. Served in France from 24 August 1917. M.C. gazetted 5 June 1919.

BAMPTON, Lawrence. M.A. (Jesus College, Cambridge). 1946-1953. English. b 30 October 1916 London; d 2015 Stafford. Previously actor in repertory companies in Cambridge, London and Birmingham. Wartime service in Army Education Corps. To Tottenham Municipal High School. Later, Head King Edward VI Grammar School, Stafford.

BARONNIER, Gilbert, M. 1963-64. French Assistant. There are possible different surnames but he was known as ‘M Gilbert’. S[t]anzedotti is what some were told after his departure but was not used because it would have been shortened to ‘Mr Dotty’

BARTLETT, John Francis Thomas. 1960-1963. English. b 1926 Southampton; d 26 November 2014 Birmingham. To St Thomas Aquinas Grammar School, Northfield, Birmingham (Head 1974-1993). “Adam” (resemblance to Adam Faith) or “Pears” as in Bartlett Pears

BASFORD, Mrs. ca 1945-1955. Kitchen

BASTOW Mr. 1971-? Chemistry.

BATES, Alan. 1967-?. Woodwork and metalwork.

BATES, Miss J.M. Temporary wartime teacher 1942-?

BAYLIS, Mrs B.S. 1944-? (before 1954). School Matron

BEAMAN, Mrs. ?-? Cook Supervisor from 1975.

BEESTON, Alfred Irving. 1948. [pupil 1938-1946]. b 21 November 1927 Carlton; d 1 December 1991 Cheadle, Manchester.

BENNETT, Robert Raymond Samuel. B.Sc. (University College Nottingham). 1933-1945. Physics. b 31 August 1910 Oundle; d 25 November 1966 King’s Lynn. RAF 1941-? To Daventry Grammar School.

BERNARDO, M. 1966-67. French Assistant.

BEST, D. 1972-?

BILTON, J.W. 1959-? (before 1963). Music.

BILLINGHAM, A.E. 1929-? (before 1939). This probably Albert Ernest Billingham, b 1 September 1907 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire; d 27 June 1986 Stourbridge, Worcestershire. In 1939 he was teaching in Rowley Regis.

BIRCH, Miss Joan M (Mrs PYNE from 1945). Temporary wartime teacher, 1940-1946. b 22 January 1917 Nottinghamshire; d 1990 Nottingham.

BODDY, Arthur Robert. 1946-1963. Woodwork and Engineering Drawing. b 27 December 1897 Newport Pagnell, Bucks; d 1983 Suffolk. Previously: a coachbuilder; master at Royal Hospital (Naval) School, Holbrook, Suffolk. “Arthur” or “Sam” – as in ‘samboddy stole my girl’.

BONSALL, Edward Neil. 1962-1973. Maths, Physics. b 1939 Basford Registration District. To Eastwood Hall Park School and then Deputy Head, Eastwood Technical College. Married CHRISTINE A HODGES 1975.  “Ena”

BOOTH, T. B.A. 1930-1931. English

BOSTOCK, F.A. 1954-1957. Maths. To Hinckley Grammar School. “Frank”

BOTTOMS, A. 1961-1973. Maths. To Notts County Council. “Stravinsky” from resemblance to Igor Stravinsky or “Soapy” after his smooth, gliding gait

BOUTIERE. Monsieur. 1970-71. Assistant Français.

BOW, William Nairn. B.Sc. (Nottingham 1953). 1954-1961. Maths. b 6 January 1930 Aylesbury, Bucks; d 1983 Nottingham. Educated at King’s School, Grantham. CCF Army 2nd Lt 1954; Lt 1957; resigned commission 1 February 1962). Hospitalised after crashing CCF motorcycle 1961. Resigned ‘to join family in America’. “Bill”

BOWKER, R.M. 1957 Summer Term only. Maths. To Wednesbury Technical College.

BOWLES, H. 1971-? (after 1975). Geography.

BOYDEN, Harold James. B.A. (2nd Class Modern History, King’s College, London). 1933-1935. b 19 October 1910 Teddington; d 26 September 1993 Oxford. Educated at Tiffin Boys’ School, Kingston-on-ThamesLecturer in university extra-mural departments. Served R.A.F. (S/Ldr). Director of Extra-Mural Studies, Durham 1947-1959. County Councillor, Durham City 1952-59; MP (Labour) Bishop Auckland 1959-79; Joint Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Education and Science 1964-65; Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Public Building and Works 1965-67; Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Army), Ministry of Defence 1967-69; Chairman, Select Committee of Expenditure 1974-79. Obituary: The Independent 7 October 1993.

BRAZENDALE, P. 1967-1968

BROCKLEHURST, John Brian M.A., D. Mus. (Sheffield 1959), B. Mus. LRAM, ARCM. 1957-1959. Music and English. Composed school hymn. b 1931 Nottingham. To University of Birmingham as Lecturer in Musical Education. Served R.A.F. 1953-56 (Pilot Officer). Author of Music in Schools (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1962), Response to Music (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972), Second Pentatonic Song Book: Melody Edition No. 11344a. (Schott, 1976). Retired to Nottingham. “Brock”

BROCKLEHURST, Mrs. ?-1945. School Secretary.

BROOK, Allan Paul Radford. 1957-1962. Maths. b 23 January 1934, Cork, Ireland; d 23 November 2021, County Wicklow. Educated at The High School Dublin; Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin, 1953. To Huish’s Grammar School, Taunton. Principal, The High School Dublin 1971-1994. Video of Commemoration Service can be seen here. “Paddy”

BURDEN, M.G. 1965-1967. To teaching at Long Eaton

BURNHAM, Ernest Arthur. B.A. 1929-1965. From Hucknall County Secondary School. Latin, English (sometime also P.E.) b 18 April 1904, Wigston, Leicestershire; d 16 April 1980. Retired. Lived at Papplewick. “Ernie”

BURTIN, Monsieur. 1967-1968. French Assistant.

BURTON, Roger. B.A. (Nottingham). 1960-1964. French and Spanish. CCF Lt (Royal Signals). To Kirkby-in-Ashfield Comprehensive School. Educated Alleyne’s Grammar School, Uttoxeter. b 28 January 1933, Staffordshire; d 30 July 2018, Devon. Amateur singer. “Budgie” from the blue jacket, Nottingham B.A. gown and head on one side.

BUTTERFIELD, Miss Doris (Mrs FARR from 1944). Temporary wartime teacher, 1942-46.

BUXCEY, Stanley. B.Sc. 1951-1953. Physics. b 15 April 1925 Heanor; d 18 April 2005 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Previously: National Service in RN as Instructor Lt. CCF Naval Section as Instr Lt RNVR. Educated at Heanor Secondary School. To Hillhouse Technical School, Huddersfield. Emigrated in 1955 to Canada for service in RCN. Instr Lt/Cdr. M.Sc. from U.S. Naval Postgraduate School 1960s. Thesis and papers in acoustic detection.

CANTO, M.D. 1973-74. French Assistant.

CARLEY, M. 1973-? Modern Languages.

CLARKE, Francis. B.Sc. 1946-? (after 1965). Maths. b 12 February 1921; d 1991 Nottingham. CCF RAFVR Training Branch F/O and Fl Lt 1953-1977. War Service Technical Branch AC/M to P/O 1943, F/O 1944. Mentioned in Despatches 14 June 1945. “Frank”

COBLEY, M.H. 1973-? Music.

COLLINS Mr. 1973-? Music.

COLLINSON, H. A.R.C.A. 1932-? (before 1941). Art.

CONNORS, Joseph. B.Sc. (Hons. London). 1937-1944. Maths, P.T. b 4 December 1913 Prescot, Lancashire; Killed in Action 6 August 1944 Normandy (Lt, 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery); served as Gnr R.A. 1940-41; returned to H.M.G.S and then cmd R.A. in May 1942.

CONWAY, James Alfred B.Sc. 1932-1941. Physics. b 28 June 1910 Camberwell; d 28 January 1967 Cheltenham. To Cheltenham Grammar School.

COOK, P. 1961 for one term. Geography. To Ghana

COOKE, L. 1950-51. To Glamorgan as organiser of horticultural education.

CORBISHLEY, M.J. 1964 for one term, seconded from Annie Holgate Secondary School, Hucknall. French.

COULSON, S.M. 1931-1932.

CRABTREE, Richard C. 1962-1965. To Denmark.

CRESSWELL, M.B. ca 1930-1933.

CROFT, Kenneth Stuart Bayne. M.A. (St John’s College, Cambridge). 1947-1949. b 19 September 1922 Lincoln; d 12 May 1984 on holiday in Ripon. Educated at Lincoln School. Returned to Lincoln after 30 years as head of Spanish at King Edward VI School, Southampton. Served in Royal Suffolk Regiment in West Africa and south-east Asia (cmd 2nd Lt in 1943). School Master Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Well-known church bellringer in Hampshire and Lincoln. Author of Resurgam: The story of St Mary’s Church, Southampton, 1956.

CROFTS, P. 1949-1951. Physics. CCF Sub/Lt RNVR. To Thetford Grammar School.

CROSS, Eric George. M.A. (Jesus College, Oxford). 1931-1949. Chemistry. b 14 November 1898 Shrewsbury; d 13 July 1965 Oxford. To Southfield School, Oxford. Educated at Wrexham County School. Served in Royal Engineers as Pioneer in France and Belgium 1918-19 before matriculation.

CURSON, Mrs 1972-1973? ‘Helping with laboratory organization’.

CUSHING, Mrs M.E. Temporary wartime teacher, 1941-1946.

DALLAS, Alexander Arthur Kennedy. 1929-? Art. Handicraft. b 24 September 1898 Berlin; d 26 September 1983 Kirkcudbright. Served in Border Regiment, attached to RFC and RAF. Exhibited art in Edinburgh in 1932.

DAUBAN, Mrs S.A. 1975-? Deputy Headmistress.

DAVIS, Horace Henry George. 1936-1944. Art. b 13 October 1913 Bristol; d 28 June 1944 in the crash into the sea of a Wellington XIII of 8 Sqdn from RAF Khormaksar, Aden, flying in support of a convoy. Joined RAFVR in 1940; F/O from 1943. Educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Bristol, and West of England College of Art (Art Teacher’s Diploma). Previously taught at Clifton College, Bristol, and West of England College of Art.

DEAN, Wilfred Sefton. B.A. (2nd Class Hons Geography University College Nottingham, 1949). 1950-1954 [pupil 1931-1939]. Geography and English. b 24 August 1920 Basford Registration District; d 2 May 2012 (lived at Newcastle-under-Lyme). To Hanley High School. “Dixie”

DELL, Miss. Temporary wartime teacher, 1940/41-1943. French. To Nonsuch County School for Girls, Surrey.

DOLEMAN, William. 1952-? (ca 1958). Caretaker. “Bill” or “Jock”

DÔNE, B. 1967-1971. English. To Dukeries Comprehensive School.

DRISCOLL, P. 1970-1973. Deputy Head. To Deanery School, Chester-le-Street.

DUCHEMIN, C. 1972-73. French Assistant.

DUNLEAVY, P. R. 1965- (after 1969). French

DUTTON, John Griffith. M.A. 1956-? (after 1979). English. Deputy Head ca 1979. b 11 October 1920 Congleton; d 21 May 1993 Leicester while living at Ockbrook. Previously at Tettenhall College. Educated at Sandbach School. “George”

EDWARDSON, Mrs M.E. 1974-? Maths.

ELLIOTT, J.C.B. 1939-1940. To King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds.

ELLIS, Mrs. Temporary wartime teacher 1943-1944. 1945. English. Music.

ELLIS, R. 1963-? (after 1968). Handicraft

EVANS, D. 1966-1968. English. To further study at University of Nottingham.

EVANS, William Leslie. 1946-? (after 1965). Art. b 26 July 1920 West Derby Registration District, Lancashire; d 10 May 1980 Nottingham. CCF F/O RAFVR from 1949. Served in RAF (1944 Cpl to P/O to F/O). Lived at Attenborough. “Charlie”


FETHI NASKI Monsieur. 1971-72. French Assistant.

FIRTH, John Roberts. 1953-1956. English. b 1922; d 16 November 2014 Mansfield. Previously at Ravensdale Secondary School, Mansfield. To Brunt’s Grammar School, Mansfield.

FRASER, J. 1954-1956. Maths. To Nelson Grammar School.

FROST, Mrs Lilian (Mrs Sharman from June 1961). 1939-1961. Cook Supervisor.

GARDINER, P. 1966-1966.

GAYTON, Morley. 1935-? (bef 1941). Wartime national service. b 2 May 1910 West Bridgford; d 1981 Maidstone. Teaching history and geography at Red Hill School, East Sutton, Kent in 1950s-70s

GETHING, Frank. 1946-1947 [pupil 1930-1937]. Metalwork. To a post in industry (Nordberg) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. C.P.O.(E.R.A.) andS/Lt (E) RNVR ca 1944. b 19 November 1918 Greasley; d 1 August 1997 Tucson, Arizona. Emigrated 1948. Naturalized U.S. citizen 1953. Engineer.

GILL, Ronald. B.A. (Liverpool). 1929-1935. b 17 January 1901 Leeds; d 1982 Scarborough. To Head, Acklam Hall School, Middlesborough; then Head, Holloway Grammar School (1940s) and Head, Wintringham Boys Grammar School, Grimsby in 1953. Sprinter for England athletics team. Educated at Scarborough High School. Famous for having retired from Wintringham and then leaving to live in Scarborough with the school secretary.

GLADWIN, Victor. 1965-1971. Latin. b 1943 Ince, Lancashire; d 24 January 2020. To Classics at Rushcliffe Comprehensive School; later at Homelands Grammar School Derby. ‘Mini Man’†

GOODALL, George Edward. J.P., B.Sc. (University College Nottingham). 1929-1954 and 1956. Maths and Scripture. b 1887 Hucknall; d 13 February 1958 Hucknall. Previously at Hucknall County Secondary School 1912-29. Hucknall Urban District Councillor from 1937; J.P. from 1939. Lived at Hucknall. “Geg”

GRIBBINS Mr. 1969-?

HADWEN, Harold Ernest. B.Sc. (Birmingham). 1953-? (after 1974). Biology. b 1929 Worksop. CCF Sub/Lt and Lt RNR. Educated at Alcester Grammar School. “Harry” “Flab”

HAINES, Charles Holland Colton. M.A. (Keble College, Oxford 1930). 1935-1943. English. b 14 April 1904 Hammersmith; d 1955 Penwortham, Lancashire. Previously at Lancaster Royal Grammar School. To Hutton Grammar School, Preston. Educated at Royal Grammar School, Newcastle upon Tyne.

HARCOURT, W.G. 1970-1971. English. To Chilwell Comprehensive School.

HARMER, George Hazel. B.A. 1930-1935. b 6 October 1907 Amble, Northumberland; d 1986 Hillingdon, Middlesex.

HARVEY, Mrs E.A. 1974-? Needlework.

HEAL, Mr. Temporary wartime teacher. 1942-?

HEALY, C.M. 1974-1975 History.

HENRY, P. 1972-1975. To Bugbrooke Comprehensive School, Northants.

HENWOOD, P. 1970-74. History. To be educational administrator in Coventry.

HICHISSON, Bryan Geoffrey. 1963-? (after 1965). English. b 14 May 1941; d 18 February 2007 Eastbourne. Previously at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College in New Cross. To Colfe’s School as Head of English (and Drama from the 1980s). Retired ca 1999 and was later a private tutor in Eastbourne. “ Bryan” or “Hich”

HINDLE, Alan James. 1963-1968. Music. b 24 November 1937 Preston; d 30 October 2018 Nottingham. Educated at Preston Grammar School and Royal Manchester College of Music. To Carlton-le-Willows Grammar School. Later  Nottinghamshire County Council Inspector of Music and OFSTED Inspector. Lived at Nuthall. Organist and organ teacher.

HINSHAW, K?. 1971-? Art and English.

HOBSON, A. 1942-1953. P.T. b 1 December 1888; d 28 September 1969. Retired to St Leonard’s on Sea. “Curly”

HOBSON, A.J. 1972. To Annie Holgate School, Hucknall.

HODGES, Miss Christine A. 1968-? Assistant Secretary. Married E.N. BONSALL 1975.

HOLLOWAY, Mrs D. 1974 for one term as Senior Mistress.

HOLMAN, Francis Jordan Mylne. 1934-1945. b 19 July 1883 Eastbourne; d 7 April 1951 Mansfield. Taught at various schools in Sussex and Mansfield including Mansfield Grammar. Retired in 1945. Educated at Leamington College. Served as Rifleman in 21/King’s Royal Rifles for 8 months in 1916; medical discharge (Silver War Badge).

HOPKINS, Miss C. 1974-? English

HOUSTON, George Frederick. M.A. (B.A. 2nd Class Hons, Maths, Magdalen College, Oxford). Headmaster. 1 September 1935-24 July 1964. b April 1901 Whittington, Derbyshire; d August 1985 Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. Educated at Chesterfield Grammar School. Previously at Calday Grange Grammar School (Wirral) (1924-29), Brockley County School, Bromley County School, Kent. Lived at West Bridgford. Retired to Gloucestershire. “Boss” or “The Whale”

HOWELLS, G.N. 1940. To Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps.

HURST, J.G. 1959-? (after 1965). Latin. “Labienus”

HUTCHINGS, Mrs F.E.  1970-? School Secretary.

HUTCHINSON, Edward Albert. B.Sc. (Econ) (2nd Class Geography and Economics, London, 1937). 1938-? (after 1976). Geography and P.T. b 6 July 1915; d 20 October 1983, Nottingham. Served RAF Meteorological Branch P/O and F/O in war (1939-1946). CCF 1949-1977, RAFVR Training Branch as F/O acting F/Lt and act S/Ldr; retained rank of S/Ldr on retirement. O/C from 1953. Educated at Hasting Grammar School. Lived at Coniston Road, Beeston. “Hutch” then “Pig” and often “Hutchinswine”

IMPEY, D. 1961-1965. Geography. Nottingham Rugby Club 1961-65 (52 games; hooker). To Cotham Grammar School, Bristol.

IRELAND, J. 1946.

ISHERWOOD, F. 1974-? Maths.

JACKMAN, R. 1947-1951. Maths. CCF Army Section Lt REME. to Katherine Lady Berkeley’s Grammar School, Gloucestershire.

JACKSON, L. ca 1966?-1971. Caretaker/carpenter?

JAMES, Mrs. Temporary wartime teacher, 1941-1942

JARVIS, John Leslie 1940-1941. Served RAF Meteorological Branch (F/O 1943; F/Lt 1944) to 1948. Maths. To Nottingham High School and later in Barbados. b 25 June 1917, Nottingham; d 25 April 1991 Peterborough.

JAUBERT, M. 1974-1975. French Assistant.

JOHNSON, Mrs. ?-1975. Cook Supervisor

JOHNSON, W. 1973-? Maths.

JONES, Edward Hugh. 1947-1971 and 1971-74 p/t. French (also Latin, English and Music). b 4 November 1911 Mansfield Registration District; d 27 May 1985. Lived at Ravenshead. Known as a jazz pianist. “Moaner”

JONES, H.W. 1960-1962. Chemistry. To Carlton-le-Willows Technical School.

JONES, N.C. 1942-1945. Handicraft. To Goldsmith’s Training College as a student.

KAKAVIAN, M (for Monsieur). 1952-1953. Assistant Français.

KELLY, Mrs. S. Temporary wartime teacher, 1943-1946 and 1950.

KEY, James John. B.Sc. (3rd Class Hons Botany) 1939, Dip. Ed. 1940 (Bristol). 1950-1976 (died in service). Biology. b 21 April 1917 Hucclecote, Gloucestershjire; d 22 July 1976. Nottingham. Military service ca 1940. Lived at Sherwood. “Jim” or “JJK”

KIDDEY, R. 1930-31 part-time.

KIMMONS, Robert Edward. B.A. 1949-1955. French. b 1923 Chesterfield; d 25 September 2011. CCF Army 2nd Lt 1950-52. To Corby Grammar School. Crossword compiler.

KNEWSTUBB, J.E. 1974-? Former pupil. French.

KNOX, Stanley, M.A., M. Litt. (Durham) 1936-1947. Music and English. b 6 August 1907; d 1967 Sheffield. RAF F/O and F/Lt  from 1941; O/C Leave Hostels for Air Crew, Calcutta. To Lecturer in English, Emergency Training College, Weymouth. Educated at West Hartlepool Secondary School; Durham (2nd Class Hons English and 1st Class Hons Education). Previously taught at Ballymena Academy and Strathallan School.

KOCH, L.J. 1953-1954. Assistant Français.

LATCHFORD, Alan R. 1962-1967. b 1938 Hemel Hempstead. To teach English and History in Chile.

LATTO, Harold William. 1954-61. Metalwork. b 6 October 1920 York; d 20 February 1996, East Cleveland, Yorkshire. Previously Royal Navy. CCF Instructor. To Sir William Turner’s Grammar School, Redcar. “Harry”

LAWSON, Wilfred George. B.A. 1931-1936. English. b 8 November 1906 Richmond, N. Yorkshire; d 18 December 1978. To Assistant Director of Education Middlesbrough. Later, Director of Education for Nottinghamshire. Educated at Richmond School.

LAWSON, Mrs. Helen F. Temporary wartime teacher, 1942-1946. Wife of W.G. Lawson. Maths

LAWTHER, J. 1932-? (before 1941). Handicraft

LEBENS, Hugh Geoffrey. 1943-1945. English. b 15 October 1920; d 2001 Henley Registration District. To Munro College, Jamaica.

LECLERCQ, M.J. 1957-1958. Assistant Français.

LEEK, Miss B. 1974-? General Subjects

LEWIN, A. 1973-? Physics.

LEWIS, J. 1951-1961. Maths and Science. To Pontypool School. “Jack”

LLEWELLYN, Jack. DSc. PhD. 1946-1950. Biology. b 12 December 1917; d 9 October 2004 Birmingham. To Lecturer, Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, University of Birmingham (later Professor until ca 1985). Ph.D student Aberystwyth of Florence Gwendolen Rees FRS. Papers and chapters on fish parasites.

LLEWELLYN, Mrs Glenis Lizbeth (née Lewis). Temporary wartime teacher, 1943-46. Also 1948. Science. Wife of J. Llewellyn.

LOUIS, Rev P. 1975-? Deputy Headmaster.

LOVETT, Horace Arthur. M.B.E. (Mil) (Birthday Honours 1984), T.D. 1954-1985. Laboratory Steward and CCF (Served R.A. from 1939; cmd T.A. in 1955. Retired as Major, July 1985). b 10 July 1920 Southwell; d 2001 Mansfield.

LOVIBOND, David Corbet. B.A. (Nottingham) 1955-60. French. b August 1932 Hampstead; d 13 March 2013. To Frensham Heights Co-Educational Boarding School (4 years), Bell’s Grammar School, Coleford (4 years), To Lydney Grammar School 1967-68. Director, Huddersfield Nursing Homes Ltd 1996-2008. Lived at Coleford, Gloucestershire. “Dickie Columbus” or “Denis”

MAKINS, Harry F. 1953-54. Master for a form of boys for transfer to the new Carlton-le-Willows Grammar School. Previously at Hereford High School. CCF Lt Army Section. To Carlton-le-Willows.

MARSHALL, Sydney. M.A. (London). 1929-1969 and 1971 p/t. French. 2nd Master from 1957; Acting Head 1964-65. b 30 December 1904 Nottingham; d 22 March 1982.  Lived at Repton Road, West Bridgford. Master at Calday Grange Grammar School (Wirral) in 1927. “Froggy”

McCANDLESS, Robert. B.Sc. Teaching Diploma (Durham). 1947-1970 and 1973-74 p/t. Physics. b 21 June 1910 Benwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; d 1998 Basford Registration District. Lived at Carlton. Retired.  “Candles” or “Dannimac”

McEWEN, Kenneth. 1929-1932. Music and Principal Assistant. b 21 March 1870 Rhyl; d 2 December 1944 Sherwood. Previously Head, Hucknall County Secondary School until its closure in 1929. Retired.

McGLONE, W. 1946-1948. Physics. To Brunt’s School, Mansfield and while there M.Ed. (Nottingham).

McINTOSH, C. 1972-?

MIQUEL, C.C. 1954-1955. Assistant Français.

MORECROFT, Kenneth Arnold. Temporary wartime teacher, 1942- 1946 [pupil 1931-1935]. b 25 December 1919 Nottingham. d 1 September 2001. Lived at Hucknall and taught metalwork ay Hucknall National School in the 1950s.

MORRIS, J.G. 1960-1962. History. To Dunstable Grammar School.

MORROW, Robert Saunderson. M.A. (Trinity College, Dublin). 1955-1965. English. b 29 October 1917 Co. Cavan, Ireland; d 22 October 2015 Nottingham. Served R.A.F. Education Branch 1948-1953 F/O. To Queen Elizabeth’s School, Mansfield, and then to Carlton-le Willows Grammar School, Carlton (CCF F/O and F/Lt 1966-70). Freemason. Teller of tall stories. “Spud”

MOWAT, Mrs. Temporary wartime teacher, 1940/1941-1943. 1944.

MURGATROYD Miss. Temporary wartime teacher, 1940 or 1941-?

NAYLOR, Arthur. 1940. [pupil 1931-1939]. RAFVR killed while pilot under training in Miles Master 26 April 1941 (engine failure at take off with stall at 1500 ft).

NEWITT, Howard Leslie. B.A. 1932-1958. Educated Durham University. Latin, German, P.T. b 3 February 1910 Barnsley; d 4 August 1958 Nottingham. Died in Service. Served R.N. Education Branch 1941-46. CCF O/C 1949-53 (Lt/Cdr RNVR). “Knocker”, “Tubby” or “Nubend”

NEWSOM, Ian W. 1962-1965. Maths. To Manchester Grammar School. Married Margaret UNWIN in 1966.  “Paperclip” because of his supposed resemblance thereto.

NEWSTEAD, D.N. 1967-1969. To a course at Theological College, Glasgow.

NORMAN, Mrs. Temporary wartime teacher, 1941-1944. Biology. To Loretto School, Edinburgh.

O’CONNOR, M.K. 1975-? Head of History.

OXLEY, P. 1972-?

PACKER, Frederick William. M.Sc (B.Sc. Hons Physics, London), Teaching Diploma (Goldsmith’s London). 1941-1947. Physics. b 20 February 1902 West Ham; d 1981 Canterbury. Previously at schools in East Ham and Swindon. To Faversham Grammar School.

PATTISON, B. M.A. Ph.D. 1933-?

PERRY, Mrs. 1955-? Kitchen

PFANNMULLER, Herbert Henry Francis (MILLER from mid-1930s) B.A. (M.A. Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1934). 1931-1933. b 1 February 1908 Wandsworth; d 14 June 1991 Watford.  Educated at Modern School, Streatham Common and Dulwich College.

PINKETT, ARTHUR ERIC. O.B.E. ?(before 1941)-?. Music. Joined RAF 1941. b 29 June 1910 Nottingham; d 9 February 1979 Loughborough. O.B.E. Birthday Honours 1972 as Senior Advisory Officer for Music in Schools, Leicestershire. Founded Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra. Lived at Barrow-upon-Soar. A video commemorating his achievements in Leicestershire school music can be found here.

POMFRET, Walter Lionel Jelf. 1937-1941. Handicrafts (Metalwork). b 16 August 1896 Salford; d 1967 Salford. Wartime National Service. To Ministry of Supply. Previously at Sawston Village College, Cambridgeshire. Served in South Wales Borderers and Sherwood Foresters (ranks to Lt) 1915-1918 (wounded March 1918). Author of report on armour for Ministry of Supply 1947. Patentee of devices in horticulture including cloches, early 1950s.

PORTER, W.C. B.Sc. 1930-1931.

PRESCOTT Mr. 1971-? English.

PRESCOTT, Richard Thompson. ? (before 1941)-1946. English. b 22 December 1911 Bishop Auckland; d 1974 while living at Shrivenham since 1950s. Served Infantry and then Royal Engineers 1940-1946, Capt R.E. 1945. To Heanor Grammar School.

PRESS, Nigel Gibbons Sullivan. 1957-61. Geography. Previously a surveyor in Kenya (1953-?). b 3 October 1930 Bristol; d 26 February 2010, Hatfield. To Boreham Wood Grammar School, later at St. Mary’s College, Twickenham, ca 1970. Authors of paper in Anglo-Soviet Journal, Journey to Central Asia.

PRINCE Mr. 1969-1971. To Northampton.

PRITCHARD, John Proctor. 1929 -?(1960s). Groundsman. b 22 January 1899 Nottingham; d 17 August 1983. Lived at 3 Ockerby Street, Bulwell. Played for the masters cricket team in 1930.

PROVIS ca1966-?

PRYCE, G.R. 1965-1971. Geography. To Annie Holgate School.

PYNE, Mrs. – see BIRCH

READ, F. Art. ca 1930-1932.

REID, Mrs. 1966-1966.

RETTER, Cecil Francis. M.A., B.Sc. (2nd Class Hons Maths, University College Exeter). 1938-1947. Maths. b 1 September 1903 Exeter; d 2 June 1969 Bath (but resident of Torquay. From Highbury County School, London. To Torquay Grammar School. Educated at Exeter School.

REVILL, Stanley. M.A. (Oxon). 1929-1972. History. Educated Manchester Grammar School and New College, Oxford. Taught in Manchester 1928-29. b 15 April 1907 Manchester; d 1 July 1993 Nottingham. Retired. Amateur archaeologist. Author of papers in Transactions of the Thoroton Society: An excavation at Gibbet Hill, Shelford; A 16th century map of the River Trent near Shelford; The excavation of a ring ditch at Shelford; King Edwin and the battle of Heathfield. Lived  at Bedale Road, Sherwood. Obituary (privately circulated) HERE. “Stan”

RICKABY, Miss (from 1945 Mrs YEOMANS). Temporary wartime teacher 1944-1945.

ROBERSON, Bertrand Stanley. 1935-1938. b Lambeth 3 June 1911; d 14 November 1994 London. To Tottenham Grammar School. Served in Royal Artillery.

ROBINSON, J.G. 1966-1969. English. To Nottingham High School.

ROWE, J.B. 1946-1959. History. To Buckinghamshire Education Committee. “Joe”

SAGGERS, Hubert Basil. B.A. (2nd Class Hons, University College Nottingham finals in 1948). 1949-1956. Music and English. b 21 March 1920 Grantham; d 4 October 2001 Alnwick, Northumberland. To Head of English, Bramcote Grammar School. Lived at Borrowash. Royal Artillery (2nd Lt 1943; in India as Captain). “Basil the Bastard from Borrowash”

SEDDON, W.R. 1945-? (before 1954).

SHALTON, Mrs A. 1974-? Classics

SHARPE, I. 1970-73, Music. To Myers Grove Comprehensive School, Sheffield

SHERRATT. 1970-? Physics.

SIMOND, M (for Monsieur ?). 1951-1952. Assistant Français.

SKIDMORE Mr. 1969-1971. Chemistry. To High Pavement School, Nottingham.

SMEDLEY, Miss Kathleen Mabel. B.Sc. Physics. Temporary wartime teacher, 1941-1944. Maths and Science. b 18 December 1910 Nottingham; d 7 February 1985 Nottingham. To Loughborough College School.

SMITH, F. 1936-1940. To army service (Sergeant Instructor in PT) and then into industry. Chemistry and PT. To army service and then into industry. Educated at Goole Grammar School; 2nd Class Hons Chemistry, Manchester; Diploma for PT, Carnegie PT College, Leeds.

SMITH, F.A. M.A. 1930-1945. French. To Head, Cheshunt Secondary Modern School.

SMITH Mrs. 1969-1970. English. To Bramcote Grammar School.

SMITH, Roy Hubert. 1939-1946. French and Spanish. b 26 January 1917 Southend-on-Sea; d 26 November 1997 Southend-on-Sea. 2nd Lt Royal Corps of Signals 1941-1946. Captured at Singapore; PoW in Thailand. To Westcliff-on-Sea High School for Boys.

SMITH, Thomas Edgar. B.Sc.1929-1957. Second Master 1937-1957. Geography. b 31 May 1892 Hucknall; d 1973 Northampton. Previously at Hucknall County Secondary School. Retired to New Milton, Hampshire. Served in Sherwood Foresters 1918-1919 as Cadet and 2/Lt.

SPARROW, David Beecher M.Sc. 1951-1962. Physics. b 16 August 1925 Thanet; d 23 April 2004 Salisbury. To Apsley Grammar School, Hemel Hempstead. Awarded M.Sc. after part-time research while at H.M.G.S. Latterly a guide at Salisbury Cathedral. “Dickie Bird”

SPOLTON, John M. 1956-1970 and 1971-?  Maths. b 1934 Basford Registration District; d ca 2011. Educated at Southwell Minster School. To Dukeries Comprehensive School in 1970-71. Lived in Southwell after retirement. “Jim” or “Bummer Jim”

SQUIRE, Miss Marguerite Alice Constance. B.A. (University College Leicester). Temporary wartime teacher, 1943-45. b 6 March 1920 India; d 16 January 2002, Nottinghamshire. Educated at Market Harborough County Grammar School.

STAFFORD, P. 1968-1970. History. CCF Army. To Coventry.

STAMPER, Isaac. 1947-1954. BA (University College Nottingham). English. b19 November 1917 Basford Registration District; d 21 December 2008 Ilkley, Yorkshire. To Carlton-le-Willows Grammar School. Educated at West Bridgford Secondary School.

STEVENSON, W.A. 1939-1947. Army (Signals and Intelligence Corps 1940-1945). To Chigwell County High School.

STRUTT, Howard Sinclair. January 1965-? M.A. (Downing College, Cambridge; Natural Sciences Tripos in chemistry, geology and mineralogy, 1952). Headmaster. b 1926 Hackney; d 20 March 2008 Nottingham. Previously Deputy Head and head of chemistry at Eastwood Hall Park Technical Grammar School and before that at Wallasey Grammar and Humphrey Perkins School, Leicestershire. “Jed”

SUTHERLAND, Frederick John. 1953-? P.T. b 7 December 1919 Sunderland; d 7 August 1995 Christchurch, Dorset. Previously taught at schools in Sunderland and Trent Bridge Secondary School. Served in R.A.F. for 6 years. Educated at Bede Grammar School, Sunderland and Carnegie College, Leeds. “Sooty” “Fred”

SWABY, Cyril Richardson. 1949-1954. Maths. b 11 January 1909 East Retford; d 29 March 1975 of Clayworth. Previously at Church Street Junior Boys’ School, Beeston and Swanwick Hall School. To Carlton-le-Willows Grammar School.

TARBOURIECH, M. 1960-61. French Assistant.

TOMLINSON, Sir Michael (John). C.B.E., B.Sc. (Durham). 1965-1969. Chemistry. b 17 October 1942 Rotherham. To Ashby-de-la-Zouch Grammar School. Later Chief Inspector of Schools. C.B.E. 1997; Kt 1994. Educated at Oakwood Technical High School and Bournemouth Boys’ School.

TOMLINSON, Mrs. 1966. Temporary School Secretary after Miss Allcock broke an arm.

TURNER, C.W. 1949. Chemistry. Temporary post.

TURTON, R. 1961-1967. Metalwork. To Arnold and Carlton College of Further Education

UNDERWOOD, Miss L.H. 1966-1968. Assistant Secretary.

UNWIN, Margaret. ?-? (ca 1966). Assistant Secretary. b 6 October 1932 Nottingham; married Ian W. NEWSOM 1966; d 16 May 2008 Dronfield.

UPTON, J.R. B.Sc. 1933-1942. Biology. Handicraft. To Head, Farnham County Secondary School.

VEITCH, William. B.A., D. Mus. (Oxford), F.R.C.O., A.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M. Temporary wartime teacher, 1941-1942 while Lecturer in Music at University College Nottingham. b 28 June 1903.

VELLIDO, Mrs A. 1974-? P.E.

WALLIS, or WALLACE, Miss. Temporary wartime teacher, 1944-1946.

WAREHAM, Walter Derek. B.Sc. Liverpool. 1957-60. Chemistry. b 11 April 1934 Chester; d 11 February 2020 Ely. To Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Mansfield. “Luke” – after his pronunciation of ‘look’ – or “Derek”

WARD, Miss. Temporary wartime teacher, 1940/1941-1942

WHITAKER, H.A. B.A. 1933-?(1930s). Maths

WHITE, Frederick. 1932-1972. French. Acting Deputy Head 1964-1965. Lived at Hickling Pastures where he kept chickens. Retired as the last member of staff appointed by T.O. Balk. “Freddy” or “Lobster” – red/brown jacket and red face.

WHITWORTH, Richard O. 1962-1967). Maths. b Hitchin 1939. To Carlisle Grammar School. “Ossie” for the O.

WILSON, F. David 1968-1970 [pupil 1950-57]. Music. To Carlton Cavendish School. Later head of music at Notts County Council.

WILSON, J.E. 1929-1952. Caretaker

WREN, John Charles Edward. M.A. (Durham) (B.A. 1st Class Hons 1921) B.Sc. (1st Class Hons London 1929). 1929-1937. Maths, Physics. b 1 February 1902 High Wycombe; d 14 April 1983 Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.  Previously at County Secondary School, Colwyn Bay and Waverley School, Small Heath, Birmingham). To Head, Burnley Grammar School. Later Head, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Middleton, Lancashire. Educated at King James I Grammar School, Bishop Auckland. A descendant of Sir Christopher Wren according to School Songs and Gymslips. Grammar Schools in the 1950s and 1960s by Marilyn Yurdan (Stroud: The History Press, 2012).

WYLES, R. 1967-69. Maths. To head of maths ‘at a school in Derbyshire’.


YOUNG, Arnold. B.A. (London). 1936-1941. Woodwork. b 11 October 1909 Sunderland; d 2001 Killin, Stirling. To Ministry of Supply. Educated at Bede Collegiate School; Loughborough College (Teaching Certificate); First Class Full Technical Certificate, City & Guilds. Previously taught at Grange Park Senior School, Sunderland.

†Chris Chambers writes: Although small stature (around 5ft 2″)  he was not physically reticent, playing rugby at scrum half for Mellish OB’s 1st XV for many years. He of course, like most masters, was well aware of his soubriquet and should any boy in his Latin lessons make the mistake of assuming the superlative of Parvus was Parvissimus he would sarcastically ask in his brusque Yorkshire brogue,  “Is there a teacher in this school called Parvi Man ?”



55 Staff1

55 Staff2

55 Staff3

55 Staff4


58 Staff1

58 Staff2

58 Staff3

58 Staff4

58 Staff5

Photographs from 1961


Photographs from 1964

1964 StaffA1964 StaffB1964 StaffC1964 StaffD1964 StaffE

NOTE: I am told that Monsieur Gilbert (the last photograph) was Gilbert Baronnier, the French Assistant for the year.

1955 Switzerland (other photographs from this trip can be found here)

CH 1955 1
‘Froggy’ Marshall and Arthur Boddy on the path from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen, August 1955
CH 1955 26
Arthur Boddy with Edwin Peatman (left) and the late Michael John Carson-Rowland (1941-2017). August 1955


(Photographs found on other websites and in newspapers)

Other staff

J Llewellyn at Birmingham 1961 and 1984



Pablo made it to 100

Copied verbatim from here (NottinghamLive, 23 December 2012):

Retired Bulwell teacher turns 100 on Christmas Eve

He said that he was ‘rather bored’ of the celebrations now though

Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 12.27.32


A retired Bulwell teacher and great-granddad is turning 100 on Christmas Eve—and he puts his longevity down to not “boozing”. 

     John Atkins, better known as Reg, 99, from Bulwell, is a resident of Carrington House Care Home in Carrington and will celebrate his 100th birthday on December 24. 

     The father-of-two and great-granddad has been visited by his family and representatives from Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA)—a charity which he has always strongly supported —who gave him a cuddly penguin mascot. 

     He attributes his long life to “a careful life and not boozing too much,” but speaking about the celebrations added that he was “rather bored by it all now.” 

     He was born in Derby in 1917 and went to study Natural Sciences in Cambridge. After graduating he spent the Second World War in Wales making explosives. He then became a teacher at the Henry Mellish School in Bulwell where he taught maths and chemistry before retiring shortly after turning 60. 

     He has two children, Mark Atkins, of Bulwell, and Jane Barnes, of Cheshire, as well as three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. His son Mark, a 61-year-old retired software engineer, said: “He is a shy and retiring man. But he is always there if someone needs a helping hand.” 

     “He particularly enjoyed his visit from the MNDA woman.”