Opening of the school, 4 October 1929

A scan of a photocopy of the programme for the opening ceremony. From the late Malcolm ‘Jake’ Jackson’s collection of HMGS memorabilia.

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Stan Revill 1907-1993

An appreciation of Stan Revill (1907-1993) who taught history at the Mellish for 43 years (1929-1972). Written in 1996 by John Michael Lee (who left the school from VIUA in 1950) Emeritus Professor of Politics in the University of Bristol. From the late Malcolm ‘Jake’ Jackson’s collection.

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Stan Revill


Golden Jubilee 1979

This pamphlet was produced by the school, by 1979 a City comprehensive, to celebrate the 50th anniversary. From the late Malcolm ‘Jake’ Jackson’s collection.

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1979 Article

This article was sent to Malcolm Peaker by Colin ‘Charlie Love in 1980. Nottingham Education Committee Circular, October 1979, 901-904.

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HMGS in 1979


1979. the late Malcolm ‘Jake’ Jackson’s collection.
Cutting 2
From the late Malcolm ‘Jake’ Jackson’s collection
F W Stocks' record
Daily Mail, 15 July 2020. Letter from Tom Elliott (HMGS 1951-1959). A.R. Stocks, the son was at HMGS 1953-1958. His father, Frederick Wilfred Stocks, played for Nottinghamshire from 1946 until 1957.

Letter to the late Peter Nequest from GFH

Robin (William Henry Mettam) Bailey’s School Reports 1930-1935

Robin Bailey
Robin (William Henry Mettam) Bailey in the 1932 School Photograph

Here is an example:


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Bailey School Reports

Robin (William Henry Mettam) Bailey’s School Certificate 1936

Junior Speech Day November 1935 From Robin Bailey’s collection via Simon Bailey

Senior Speech Day March 1936 From Robin Bailey’s collection via Simon Bailey

Physics in Form 4A 1933-34 From Robin Bailey’s collection via Simon Bailey

School Trip to Rome Olympics 1960 (material from Robert Dawson)

Robert Dawson writes:

In Rome we were lodged at the Instituto San Michele, it was said to be an orphanage at other times. We slept in dormitories and each morning the Italian flag was hoisted and ‘Arrivederci Roma’  played over the tannoy. When we moved onto the hotel at Finale five of us shared a double bedded room with extra beds crammed in. Memories of Rome, apart from the Games and sightseeing, were of venturing into the nearby streets and the shock of seeing beggars, water melon sellers and groups of local boys who approached us asking for money and when refused  practised their vocabulary with some ‘very rude English phrases’.

The ‘New’ School Uniform (from Robert Dawson)


Autumn Fair 1957 (from Robert Dawson)

Admissions Letter and School Rules 1957 – from Robert Dawson

Satellite Photographs from Google Earth in 2007

The state of the school before closure and demolition can be seen. The only major change from the early 1960s is the extension from the new classrooms built on the school field. As a consequence the biology labs must have been demolished. Note the use of the playgrounds for car parking.

Henry Mellish 2007
Mellish 2007 Closer

Bell Ringers 1949 (from Michael Bridges)

Three Bramcote boys in the school campanological society (trained by Kenneth Crofts – see Staff page) ringing at
Bulwell parish church: Michael Bridges, Ken Edge, Bill Oldbury.

Commemoration Services 1958-63 (from Robert Dawson)

Download: Commemoration Service 1958.

Commemoration Service 1959

Commemoration Service 1960

Commemoration Service 1961

Commemoration Service 1962

Commemoration Service 1963

The 1958 service was the first airing of the school hymn composed by J.B. Brocklehurst.

City Transport Bus Pass 1963  (from Robert Dawson)

HMGS Bus Pass

Terry Glover found this old library book in his attic. He recalls of chemistry: ‘On one occasion during reduction of copper oxide the receiving vessel exploded! Very noisy and the shrapnel hit a few lass bottles but no pupils’. The book is Notes on Inorganic Chemistry for Elementary Students by John J. Pilley.
Pilley’s Notes on Inorganic Chemistry must have been one of the first books in the library. This is the 3rd edition (undated); the first edition was published in 1895. The original owner is evident from the next scan.
The book has the name of Thomas Edgar Smith ‘TES’ one of the original members of staff. He must have given it to the library. Additions have been made by pupils commemorating ‘GEG’ (George.Edward.Goodall) another original and Mona Jona can only refer to ‘Moaner Jones’ who joined the staff in 1947.

1974-75 Fixture List and School Calendar (from Martyn Shaw)

Railway Accident 1947