HMGS Panorama

The school photographs by Panora taken every three years can be downloaded, viewed and enlarged on screen using a suitable viewer (e.g Preview by default on a Mac). They are in pdf format.

Click to download to your browser and then save.

HMGS Pano 1932

(Shown as 1932 since McEwen retired in 1932 and Robin Bailey was a new boy in 1930 but does not appear as a first former on the front row)

HMGS Pano 1946

HMGS Pano 1949

HMGS Pano 1955

HMGS Pano 1955 Less creased version (from David Mundy)

HMGS Pano 1958

HMGS Pano 1961

HMGS Pano 1964

HMGS Pano 1967

HMGS Pano 1970

HMGS Pano 1973

From: Simon Bailey (1932) (son of William Henry Mettam Bailey 1919-1999 [pupil 1930-36] – the actor Robin Bailey), Terry Glover (1949), my collection (1955, 1958), Garry Humphreys (1961, 1964), Roger Langham (1967, 1970), Andrew Robinson (1973).

If you know of any others I could scan please let me know.

The photographs can also be viewed on YouTube as a slowly-moving panorama:

1932 here

1946 here

1949 here

1955 here

1958 here

1961 here

1964 here

1967 here

1970 here

1973 here