Annual Swimming Sports Programmes 1958-1964 (from Robert Dawson)

Dave ‘Chas’ Chambers writes that he designed the ‘seahorse’ logo for the 1958 event and notes that it continued in use for at least five years after he left the school.

Sports Day or Sports & Family Day Programmes (from Robert Dawson)

Cricket: First XI 1974 (from Andrew Robinson)

Cricket First XI 1938 (from David Chambers)

First XI 1949 (from Norman Fearn via his daughter Judy)

Sports Day 1958

I know I took more photographs than this–these are the only ones I found when sorting old photographs. Some participants may have prints I made of the others.

220 yards start
Enlarged, it shows the runner as Mick Bridgett. G.V. Spencer is scratching his head in the rear.
Christlopher P. Soar putting the shot. Nigel G.S. Press officiating.

1958-59 Rugby First XV (from Tom Elliott)

The team won every match during the season and made it into the Football Post.

First XV 1974-75 – from Martyn Shaw (with additional names from Andrew Robinson

Back row, left to right – Mr K. Hinshaw, Peter Carlin, Kevin Campion, Ashley Stephenson, David Gilbert, John Thorley, Phillip Jones. Geoff Cocking, Dean Buchanan, Paul Ollis.
Front row – Michael Reed, Martyn Shaw, Chris Chambers, possibly Nigel Slater, Martin Prentice.
In front – Karl Bloch, Steven Gilbert